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Lipo 8, is a slimming pill from Switzerland that is very high in fiber. The slow -density in Lipo Slim eliminates body fat at a maximum rate and results have shown that an individual fat elimination can be achieved up to 8kg in a month. You can shed about 8 kgs p/month through LIPO 8’s concentrated extract components, high fiber and fat excretion.

Lip 8 prevents sugar starch, curbs appetite and traps fat excretion. It helps formulate a better digestive system with no side effects. Besides that Lipo 8 acts as an active cholesterol & fat burning agent in the body in terms of detoxification and digestive system with antioxidants, fiber, fat traps and released by perspiration and excretion.


Lipo 8 Ingredients:

– Oristat 120 mg.
– Xinical 90 mg.
– 1000 mg L-Carnitine.
– Orange 500 mg.
– White Kidney Bean Extract 500 mg.
– Guinea, India, 500 mg.
– Husk Phylium 500 mg.
– Fruits and vegetables, 500 mg.
– Fiber, 500 mg.
– Cactus 500 mg.
– Chitosan 500 mg.
– CLA 500 ​​mg.

Dosage: Take 1-2 capsules daily 15-30 minutes before breakfast 1-2 times a day. Try it for at least 2 months. Bottle contains 30 capsules & 10 capsules for trial package.

WARNING: Not advisable for children and pregnant women. Store Lipo 8 at room temperature. Keep away from children’s.

Manufactured by: Manufactured By gnosis SA Through Lische D1, 4 6592 Sant Antonino-Switzerland.

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